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Domestic Violence Victom

My name is Courtney and I saw Face to Face while researching grants for woman and domestic violence. I have been looking into starting a support group for woman as I am a survivor of a 5 yr domestic violence relationship. I am writing to you because during this relationship, I began picking at my skin. It became a nervous habit that I used to numb myself from the pain and reality of my life. Picking created an escape for me. You can imagine the damage that I caused myself. It has been a constant reminder of that pain and what I have overcome every time I look in the mirror. It affects my self esteem and self worth more then I can share with you and was afraid that these scars would forever be a part of me until I saw your website and caught a glimmer of hope. I am reaching out to you and asking for your help in healing. My ultimate goal is to get these scars removed and to reach out to other woman. I feel that I have a purpose in life and that purpose is to reach out to women who are going through what I did in hopes of helping as many as I can. I would love to share my story of survival with you. I cant even tell you what you would be doing for me if you made this dream come true for me.
I pray to hear a reply,

Hi Courtney,
Let me get you in touch with Ann to whom you should send your email: