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Our powerful team of officers has continuing to work tirelessly to keep the value of the OFPSA strong for our members. We need your involvement to help pave the way for the future of this organization.


To make the most of our efforts to provide information and communicate with its members, we have four committees available for those who want to be a part of the planning for continuous outreach and growth of this organization. The goal of belonging to a committee is to get your feet wet and to see if one day becoming an officer is something you would like to take on. The OFPSA encourages its members to stay involved throughout the year.

The four committees are:

1. Web
2. Membership
3. Meeting Planning
4. Sponsorship

If you are interested in becoming a committee member please contact any of the officers.

Webinar and Writing Contribution

We welcome member contributions! If you have a topic that you would like to present on at our annual meeting, or an article that you would like to submit for publication, we want to hear from you.

Please email Donna Fay at if you are interested in submitting a presentation idea for the OFPSA meeting or contributing an article for an upcoming publication.