Distinguished 1887 Member Award

In 1887, the first credited intranasal rhinoplasty was performed in the United States. 1887 members are individuals and organizations whose philanthropic commitment to the AAFPRS Foundation is $1,000 or more during a fiscal year.

The Distinguished 1887 Member Award is presented to those individuals who have gone the extra mile for the Foundation. They have helped the annual giving fund and unselfishly given of their own time by participating in activities that have advanced the mission of the Foundation.

The 2018 recipient is Russell W. H. Kridel, MD.

Past recipients of the distinguished 1887 Member Award include:

Harrison C. Putman, III, MD
Peter A. Adamson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Romo, III
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Wolfenden, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Craig W. Senders
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Hodges
Ms. Margaret M. Ancira
Paul Davis, MD
Carla Graham, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William H.
David B. Rosenberg, MD
Marc S. Zimbler, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Keith A. LaFerriere
Paul S. Nassif, MD

Eugene L. Alford, MD
Andrew A. Jacono, MD
Cyrus Moayad, MD
Anthony P. Sclafani, MD
Mark Hamilton, MD
Terry L. Donath, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon S. Kabaker
Jeffrey C. Waccholz, MD
Vito C. Quatela, MD
Jonathan M. Sykes, MD
M. Eugene Tardy, Jr., MD
Robert L Simons, MD
Manoj T. Abraham, MD
John Charles Finn, MD

1887 Recognition

The Foundation offers its sincerest thanks to the following 1887 members for their generous contributions which helped to fund the many programs supported by the Foundation.

2018 1887 Member Individuals

Andrew C. Campbell, MD
Neil A. Gordon, MD
Amir Moradi, MD

$ 2,500 – $ 9,999
Anthony Edwin Brissett, MD
Edward Dean Buckingham, MD
Roman P. Bukachevsky, MD
Patrick Joseph Byrne, MD
Paul J. Carniol, MD
Perrin Christopher Clark, MD
Louis M. DeJoseph, MD
Waleed Hazem Ezzat, MD
Frank P. Fechner, MD
John Charles Finn, MD
Albert J. Fox, MD
Andrew S. Frankel, MD
M. Sean Freeman, MD
Andres Gantous, MD
Roberto E. Garcia, MD
Edward J. Gross, MD
Mark Hamilton, MD
John M. Hodges, MD

W. Gregory Chernoff, MD

Ted A. Cook, MD
David B. Hom, MD
Deirdre Smith Leake, MD
Harry Mittelman, MD
John A. Standefer, Jr., MD
Clinton D. Humphrey, MD
James Randall Jordan, MD
Terry L. Keck
Leslie Rhan Kim, MD
Philip Daniel Knott, MD
Russell W. H. Kridel, MD
David J Kriet, MD
Samuel M. Lam, Jr., MD
Corey S. Maas, MD
Keith A. Marcus, MD
Benjamin C Marcus, MD
Grigoriy Mashkevich, MD
Jon Mendelsohn, MD
Mary Lynn Moran, MD
Sam Peyvand Most, MD
Laxmeesh M. Nayak, MD
Ira D. Papel, MD
Steven J. Pearlman, MD

W. Matthew White, MD

$ 1,000 – $ 2,499
Manoj Timothy Abraham, MD
Jose I. Almodovar, MD
Kaete Alexandra Archer, MD
Mark A. Armeni, MD
Grace Lee Peng, MD
Harrison C. Putman, III, MD
Vito C. Quatela, MD
Wm. Russell Ries, MD
Samieh Rizk, MD
Kevin M. Robertson, MD
Daniel E. Rousso, MD
David A. Sherris, MD
Krishna Srinivasan, MD
Sherard A. Tatum, III, MD
Scott K. Thompson, MD
Travis T. Tollefson, M.D.
William H. Truswell, IV, MD
Mark K. Wax, MD
Ivan Wayne, MD
Richard W. Westreich, MD
George C. Yang, MD
Mildred Zindel

2018 1887 Member Organization

Allergan Foundation
PCA Skin
$ 5,000 – $ 9,999
$ 1,000 – $ 4,999
Vanguard Charitable Foundation

If you would like to become an 1887 member in 2019 please contact Karen Sloat, Senior Project Consultant, ksloat@aafprs.org or, 703-650-9226.